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Oka, from Germany, is a reputable German HVAC brand in Europe, focusing on the research and development, technology and trade of plastic pipeline products. It is mainly engaged in supporting HVAC products such as floor heating pipeline system (PE-RT, PEX), aluminum-plastic composite pipeline system, cold expansion sliding pipe fittings, compression pipe fittings and PPR plastic pipes, so as to provide customers with overall solutions for heating system.

Oka products are produced and tested in strict accordance with the latest EU technical standard iso21003. Oka adheres to the quality tradition of Chengde department and strives for perfection in technology and production process.

As a "one-stop" heating pipeline service provider in Germany, Oka not only brings high-quality products, technologies and services to millions of families in China, but also pays more attention to promoting the international brand value with users as the core and the global leading overall solution of heating system. Together with our global partners, we aim to introduce the pure positioning of European mainstream green, health, comfort, environmental protection and energy saving and the life concepts of science, technology, humanities and fashion into China's modern life, so that Chinese users can enjoy the design concept, environmental protection awareness and service system synchronized with Europe, and feel the good quality of European industry.


ADD: 206, building 3, Greenland Business City, new urban area, Xuzhou

TEL: 13355571676

WEB: www.oka-dg.com

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