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德国OKACommon characteristics of the top ten brands
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In the selection of various home decoration pipelines, the vast majority of consumers will choose the pipelines among the top ten brands of PPR pipes. Because they have a good reputation in the industry and are deeply trusted by users, these pipelines have the following common characteristics in addition to a good reputation.

  1: Health

   PPR pipes are used as drinking water pipes. The quality of water flow is directly related to the health of users' drinking water. The sales of such pipes in the market should be inspected by multiple industry departments. In terms of water quality detection, there will be no secondary pollution of water quality, and the health of the pipes is guaranteed.

  2: crack resistance

   the pipe raw materials of the top ten brands of PPR pipe have strict selection requirements, which can be used at temperatures below 70 degrees. They have certain toughness, and will not deform and crack under the action of conventional external force. At the same time, the plastic pipe body can still maintain a certain hardness in the low temperature environment.

   3: stable outflow

   the inner wall of the top ten brands of PPR pipe is smooth. Under the condition of keeping the inlet pressure unchanged, there will be no flow reduction and unstable outlet. Because its production industry and inspection requirements are relatively strict, it can meet all kinds of use requirements.

  4: scratch resistance

   the thickness and material quality of PPR pipes can be judged by scratches. The thickness of the top ten brands of PPR pipes is thicker, and the raw materials of plastic particles are better, which can resist the scratches of external hard objects. On the contrary, the water pipes with inferior quality appear various scratches in the process of moving and installation, affecting the use.


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